About us


With the desire to bring to customers the best choice, we have selected the suppliers of electrical automation equipment prestige in the world.

With a wide range of products, outstanding features and top quality in the world, customers can be assured of their choice.

Official distributor of electrical cabinets, electrical cabinets of RITTAL.

Official distributor of ABB's inverter products.

First of all, GIA THINH MECHANICAL COMPANY would like to send greetings and cooperation to customers.

GIA THINH MECHANICAL COMPANY was established on 28/5/2012.

Since the establishment of GIA THINH MECHANICAL COMPANY, we have constantly improved our mindset, enhanced our working spirit, and respected the opinions of individuals in particular and the company in general to bring to customers. the best products and services. With our ability we believe that customers come to us will have the best solution for their needs.